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Naomi Yoeli In collaboration with The Ruth Kanner Group


Family letters, sent from Poland to a family member who emigrated to Palestine written for over 7 years – from 1934 until 1941. The performance "reads" the letters while offering more than a glimpse into the private history of one Jewish family before and at the beginning of WWII.


בשורות נעימות ומשיבות נפש

Solo performance. Inspired by Agi Yoeli

Produced by: “Hazira”, the Interdisciplinary Arena


My Ex-Step Mother in Law is a renowned sculptress and a wonderful cook. For me she is first and foremost an engaging storyteller.The audience is invited to join in intimate encounters around a kitchen table which is simultaneously a personal archive with drawers that would or wouldn’t open.


אקס חמותי החורגת

Two site-specific performances by Naomi Yoeli

A production of The Culture Season, Jerusalem, Artistic director: Dafna Kron


I have no home  in Jerusalem. I had one but I sold it after my parents passed away.

But I have a bench; the best real estate in the city. And I have my childhood  memories from home. These two site specific performances are my  loving farewell to childhood memories, my parents and Jerusalem.


ובמיוחד גן זה. צילום_ טל שחר

Created and performed by: Naomi Yoeli & Galia Yoeli


The voices, the testimonies and the reactions that accompanied the deaths of three daughters and a niece of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, killed when an IDF shell hit their home in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead on January 16, 2009. The performance is dedicated to the memory of the girls.


נפיץ_ תיירות מלחמה. צילום_ אורי רובינשטי

Based on “The Sleeping Beauty”

Produced by the train theatre, Jerusalem

Adaptation, text and performance: Naomi Yoeli

Illustrations and book design: Amalia Hoffman


השושנה ישנה. צילום_ אלדד מאסטרו

Based on - The Table: A Play for Four Voices and Basso Ostinato; In Front of the Mirror by Ida Fink


4 witnesses give testimonies about a mass murder which took place 25 years before in their town square. The prosecutor is especially interested in a table, which may or may not have been present in the square at the time. Three testimonies are given by members of the cast, the forth is delivered by audience members.


השולחן_ עבודת כיתה. מיקי מרמור, צילום_ א

Based on: 1948: Between Calendars, by Netiva Ben Yehuda

Adaptation, direction and performance: Naomi Yoeli In collaboration with Ruth Kanner Theater Group

Netiva Ben-Yehuda, the young woman fighter thrown into the shaking military events of the beginning of the Israeli War of Independence, and the elderly woman looking back at those events with sober perspective - are both united in deep personal and collective pain. A "Séance" of voices connecting us with Netiva’s “memory box”.


בין הספירות

Created by Naomi Yoeli In collaboration with: Nana Ariel, Hadas Kalderon, Galia Yoeli


Doda (Aunt) Frieda has immigrated from Vienna to Palestine in 1925 and established in Jerusalem a “Haute Couture” Salon. The visitors are invited take a look at the relics, hear stories and enjoy a taste of liqueur, Viennese Linzer-Torte and Waltzes, followed by a unique fashion show.


דודה פרידה_ המוזיאון. צילום_ אייל לנדסמן
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